Filled for film
Filled for film

Production and sale of filled for film and film

Filled for film

VEPLASTIC is a manufacturer of loaded plastics for films with high-yield deals

Within the granules loaded for plastic film Veplastic has developed the Master LV that is a process aid formulated to improve the processability of polymer masses with high concentrations of LLDPE.

The Master LV acts by coating the inner surface of the extrusion line and/or the mould, thus reducing the friction between the polymer and the metal.

The Master LV can be used in blown films and flat head, tubing and molded articles by the swelling.

The product meets the European Union Directive for applications in direct contact with food.

The main advantages of this innovative product are:

  • Reduction or elimination of "melt fracture".
  • Improvement of the surface, purity, and brilliance.
  • Reduction of energy consumption and of melting temperature.
  • Increase the flow rate of the machinery.
  • Best transparency and better mechanical properties.
  • Reduction of odor typical of PPA containing PEG.