Regenerated plastics
Regenerated plastics

Regenerated plastics | Regenerated plastic | Regenerated compound

Regenerated plastics

VEPLASTIC is busy in trading of plastic from regenerating process

VEPLASTIC, as a leader in the regeneration of plastics, can offer to its customers a "secondary raw material" excellent in quality.

In fact to obtain a regenerated plastic of high quality level it is not so easy, and certainly it requires years of experience in the field.

Precisely for this reason we can trust VEPLASTIC's regenerated plastics: these were born from 40 years of experience in the plastics industry and the processing of the compound.

The know-how in the world of plastic, the development of technical laboratory aimed at research and the attention to the quality in a typical Italian tradition are the features that led the regenerated plastic VEPLASTIC to be exported all over the world.

Have you ever thought to use regenerated plastic?
VEPLASTIC is ready to give you the help you need!


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