Plastic materials processing - Veplastic
Plastic materials processing - Veplastic

What we do


Top grade compounds

Suited for special applications, they are made of top grade polymers and mineral charges, for optimal appearance and properties and narrow tolerances.

Regenerated compounds

VEPLASTIC's regenerated materials feature physical characteristics that are very similar to those of virgin polymers and do not have any particular aesthetic defects in their reutilization, with good resistance to heat and excellent dimensional stability; through suitable treatments using special charges, these materials can also be made resistant to flame and UV rays.

Intended for artefacts that have less sophisticated specifications and a highly competitive quality/price ratio. VEPLASTIC can breathe new life into post-industrial polymers, supplying cost-effective products with homogeneous quality, in compliance with the laws currently in force, in order to guarantee optimal characteristics and low costs.


Master L.V. is a special additive, specifically developed for the production cycle of materials such as LLDPE, HDPE and metallocene resins, blowing film, cast film, pipe extrusion, etc. that require certification for contact with foodstuff products. (download PDF)


VEBIO is a bio-polymer base certified biodegradable and compostable according to standard EN 13432 with dispersion of inorganic components. It contains no substances classified as hazardous, both in terms of concentration and type, such as to have to be considered on the basis of the EC directive.


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The company's specialized technical staff guarantees the support and cooperation needed by each customer for: tailor-made production, in other words product customization with the acknowledgement of application requirements necessary for the artefact, the best practical suggestions for ideal product processing, the solving of processing problems and product conversion of the products.


The laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge instruments that allow highly specific analyses to be carried out on both incoming materials and outgoing finished products, with regular and systematic checks being carried out 24 hours a day, and data entered in a historical database in order to ensure traceability over time of all produced batches.


Specific analyses for any requests for certification in compliance with both national and international regulations in force (ROHS, REACH, EN 13432).